Mini Session
30 minutes US $10

This relaxing massage focuses on the neck, shoulders and upper back.

Reflexology Hands and Feet
30 minutes US $12

You will receive a massage on pressure points of your feet and hands corresponding to specific limbs of your body.

Aroma Therapy
60 min US $16 / 90 min US $22

Gentle relaxing massage using essential oils extracted from various plants for therapeutic benefits.

Sport Massage
60 minutes US $20

This deep tissue massage helps treat injuries and stretches and kneads muscles.

Thai Massage
60 minutes US $24

Body technique that whose main purpose is regulating energy and the body, relieving tension built up in the muscles.

Choco Therapy
60 minutes US $30

We start with a relaxing massage using chocolate, followed by an exfoliation with 100% organic chocolate

Frutal Body Massage New
60 minutes US $25

This is a comforting body massage that provide all the hydration to your skin.